Monday, 3 June 2013

30 Day Snap #3 | PLL

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30 Day Snap (Without the snap)

So the whole point of the 30 Day snap is to snap a picture of one thing you have done throughout your day but...

Something weird is going on and I can't upload a picture, so I will just create a lovely word picture for you all.

It's the 3rd of June. I just finished a 3000 word report on equality and now it's time to blog. What do I take a picture of? All I've done is go to school, do homework, AND watch Pretty Little Liars for the SEVEN HUNDREDTH time. I have a slight addiction to this show. I can watch the seasons over and over again and find it interesting and exciting every time. I don't know how. I know the story line, the plot of each episode, I have even learnt Hanna's lines and am now taking over from Ashley Benson from my room... But nonetheless I still find myself re-watching the Spencer/Toby hotel, spying on Jenna scene and wishing that I was Troian Bellisario in that moment each and every time. And this show is not my only addiction, but that's an entire other blog post in itself.

Hope you're enjoying the 30 Day snap, if you've got involved and I'll be back her tomorrow!

Thank you

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