Tuesday, 28 May 2013

30 Day Snap

Starting this Saturday I will be starting the 30 Day Snap Challenge where I will be taking a picture of one thing from my day for the entire month of June. If you are keen on doing this feel free to join in.

This challenge has been set by Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter. She runs a great blog and youtube channel and is one of the main reasons I started this blog. I hope to one day have a quarter of the success that she now has.

Most of you probably know of Louise, but if not her blog is definitely one to check out
Sprinkle of Glitter
To see the post that she made about the 30 day snap just click HERE and you will be able to read more about it and get to know how you can be a pert of this too.

Hope you be a part of this just for a bit of fun!
Bye xo

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Exciting Give Away!


When I reach 20 followers on this blog I will be having a give away to thank you for reading my blog. There will be one winner and you guys will get to choose what prize you want:

 Prize Option #1:

  • Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
  • Rimmel Wake Me up Concealer
  • Rimmel Longwear Lipstick by Kate (Shade of your Choice)

Prize Option #2

  • Nail Polish Set of four. Colours of you choice

I won't specify brands as of yet. (The ones pictured are just 4 of my favourites)

Details on how to win and a more specific list of prizes will be posted at a later date, but you will need to be following me for a chance to win. The quicker I reach my goal, the quicker this competition will be held (and I may add in an option of a skin care set too!) So spread the word on twitter and Facebook as I really want this competition to happen!

If you have any ideas on how I should select a winner or maybe even your favourite nail polish brands you'd like me to giveaway, then comment them below :) 

Thank you!

Friday, 17 May 2013

One Direction is Controlling my Life

1D: The 5 most powerful human beings in the world

For those of you who having been living under a rock for the past 3 years. One Direction are only the WORLDS'S BIGGEST BOY BAND .. And I have only very recently discovered that even they don't know me, they completely control my life.

Despite my anonymity they make me do the strangest thing that most 'normal' teenagers would find bizarre  They kept me up past midnight last night... How I silently hear you ask through your computer screen? Well...It's quite  simple. I was waiting to see if they'd announce Australian tour dates (Which they did not)

Just a little background information of how I was feeling:
  • At 7 pm I was exhausted and ready to go to bed
  • I remembered the 1D announcement was on
  • A mixture of adrenalin/lovestruck-craze shot through my body
  • No way of sleeping now
  • Panic stricken when the timer reach 00:00:00 and the page wouldn't load
  • Saddened/worried when there were no Oz dates
  • Over tired when it reached around 11 pm and still no dates
  • Reached a delirious state and became a slightly emotional wreck with no self control.
To my now slightly disappointed self, I had a moment of realisation where I discovered that five boys on the other side of the world, who I have never actually met completely control me and they don't even know that they're doing this.

Now this realisation has put me in a weird position. I don't know whether I like this or I don't. Because I love them, but they are the main reason for my sleep deprivation/insomnia. I honestly think they're destroying my life (in a good way)

But how excited are you for this new tour. Not just any tour, but a Freaking STADIUM tour! With new songs, from their 3rd new album. It's going to be insane and I can't wait.

Do any of you feel the same way... or is there another celebrity/group that a pleasantly destroying and taking control of your every day life?